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Can you see me?
I know I'm far away,
but I'll run if you want me to.
I can do everything for you,
because you've always been in my heart.
It's you who's the one.
It's always been you.
So why is it her,
who gets all of your attention?
That should be me,
'cause I love you more than she will ever do!

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DJ报时说 清晨六点
Oh 这些年

Oh 亲爱的
Oh 天知道 怎么办
Oh 亲爱的
心的距离 能缩短

Oh 忘不了
心的距离 能缩短

Oh 亲爱的
Oh 天知道 怎么办
Oh 亲爱的
心的距离 能缩短
心的距离 能缩短
让我给你 安全感


收藏在眼眸 常徘徊左右 爱 猜到没有
愉快玩笑後 能全然退後 你 开心就够

这种感觉太亲厚 讲一千句也不够
假使讲了 你听到後或会走
这种恋爱太罕有 不需真正拥有
成全 衷心祝福然後就放手

放手 放开所有 彼此更自由
放手 其实我绝非爱得不够
放手 豁出所有 还有这个好友
已经 已经足够

遥远是宇宙 静静在背後 去看守就够
这种感觉太亲厚 讲一千句也不够
即使一刹有过冲动 挽你手
这种恋爱太罕有 不需真正拥有
成全 多舍不得仍然 是放手

放手 放开所有 彼此更自由
放手 其实我绝非爱得不够
放手 豁出所有 还有这个好友
已经 已经足够

放手 我的牵挂 找不到尽头
放手 期望你幸福甚麽都有
也许 爱很深厚 然而我早看得透
放手 至可拥有


徘了徊了走了 错了过了等了
累了全都困了 烦的乱的等的

疯的想的念的 不安的焦虑的
复杂的梦过的 拥有的失去的

你做过的伤 放困了你爱的音

我的你的他的 好的坏的难的
灰的蓝的黄的 酸的甜的苦的

非常想要忘的 绝对不能忘的
我心要换你的 真的不行那么


我的快乐 会回来的

我的快乐 会回来的

我的快乐 会回来的

我的快乐 会回来的

我的快乐 会回来的

我的快乐 会回来的

疯的想的念的 不安的焦虑的
复杂的梦过的 拥有的失去的

非常想要忘的 绝对不能忘的
我心要换你的 真的不行那么


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Saturday, April 11, 2009
i'll wait for you ♥ 4/11/2009 05:43:00 PM

I never felt nothing in the world like this before
Now I'm missing you& I'm wishing that you would come back through my door
Why did you have to go?
You could have let me know
So now I'm all alone,
Girl you could have stayed but you wouldnt give me a chance
With you not around it's a little bit more then i can stand
And all my tears they keep running down my face
Why did you turn away?So why does your pride make you run and hide?
Are you that afraid of me?
But I know it's a lie what you keep inside
This is not how you wanted to be
So baby I will wait for you
Cause I don''t know what else i can do
Don't tell me I ran out of timeIf it takes the rest of my life
Baby I will wait for youIf you think I'm fine it just aint trueI really need you in my life
No matter what i have to do
I'll wait for you
It's been a long time since you called me(How could you forget about me)
You got me feeling crazy (crazy)
How can you walk away,Everything stays the same
I just can't do it babyWhat will it take to make you come back
Girl I told you what it is & it just ain't like that
Why can't you look at me, your still in love with me
Don't leave me crying.Baby why can't we just start over again
Get it back to the way it was
If you give me a chance I can love you right
But your telling me it wont be enough
So why does you pride make you run & hide
Are you that afriad of me?
But I know it's a lie what your keeping inside
Thats not how you wanted to be
Baby I will wait for you
Baby I will wait for you
If it's the last thing i do
I'll Be Waiting

Sunday, December 14, 2008
100 POST ! Notice Thissss ! ♥ 12/14/2008 10:35:00 PM

This is my 100 post and well, I want to change the whole bg but I'm lazy to do so a new blog here :)
Relink please :D
People,I hope you all relink !
Thanks and sorry for disturb much !


Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Still Alive & Kicking ! ♥ 12/10/2008 09:10:00 PM

P.s/The girl alive with rumors.

Hey people,no guesses please. I'm still alive and kicking and my life is sssssoooo that good! Almost one month I din get to update my this dead blog due to some personal reasons. Don't ask me what had happened & people, I changed link so if I din tell you to relink means that I forget to do that. Sorry first,everyone say cheese to life !
261108, Happy Birthday To Me, people :) Thanks all people that who's attent and some that cant attent. Well,although middle of the party I'd screwd things up but it's was still went smoothly. & Thanks to all wishes and presentsss, I love the album that serdang gang gave. :) I appreciate it so much,thousand thankssss. Oh,not forget that my brothers gave me a surprise and my cousieee,SietYin fetched some of my asshole friends here :) Thanks :) Well,no camwhored.

P.s/Is the girl alive to what's going on? :( *lookss blardy fat*

021208,Say Happy Birthday to MunKeatHo ! He finally turn sixteen today. :) Well,he still in his Langkawi trip so we can't celebrate with him today. By the way,HappyBirthday to this Oh-So-Player !

041208,A party with MunKeat cause we finally celebrate his birthday on this day at Pistop cafe ! Listen people, we had fun and I'm happy that some of you can turn it ! Great Job ! & LoongKahYen,I remember what you told me bout those boyssss. :)

No any special things happen so here's somethings I'd did in these daysssss :)
I got this blardy laptop from my oh-so-stupiddd uncle :)
I got my November's salary on 3rd of Dec :)
I got to download GossipGirl this chuntest tv series :)
I got to bank more than half of my salary inside bank :)
I got those stupid asshole reference books from KokFui :)
I got to sleep at 5am in the morning everyday cause of GossipGirl :)
I got many thingssssss that I'd forgot :)

People,this year-2008 is going to say byeeee to us,how bad uhhh? Well,I don't like this year but isn't hate too but listen I'm going to hate 2009, you want to know why? ask all form 4 peeps in 2008. :) Sooooo,people let's enjoy this last month,enjoy this comin' Xmas, enjoy this comin' new year eve ! People, I'm here to tell you all, we still have 21 days to enjoy. So,enjoy it well :)

Parties inform :

To all serdang gang memberssss,
We are going to celebrate this Xmasss which is
25th of
December @ Pitstop again ! Well, we're not going to countdown Xmas' coming cause we do sth special okay? We're going to countdown for Xmas going. & members, we're going to have exchange present and the present willn't more than RM5 okay? Who's going please inform me. :) All have fun !

Another is NewYearEve which is 31st of Dec, we will going to celebrate at Sam's house which is inside GitaBayu. :) We will start at 4pm that day and I hope this party will sucessfulllll :) & I hope all people members can attent ! MUST okay? I love you guyssss :) Thanks Sam !

Noteeeee : I Hate 2009 !


Monday, November 3, 2008
Live inside Party ! ♥ ♥ 11/03/2008 01:40:00 AM

P.s/ I'd combined many pics together cause it's too many pics too upload & I'm lazy.*sorry*
P.s/ I love you cause I know I'll never have you :)

People people people !
Finally I'd back,I know some of you is waiting me to back for like ages ago. :)
Don't blame me again please,a tons of sincere sorry here.
Due to my busyness & my laziness,so I'm back to get my blog alive !

1/11/2008 Saturday
Topic : Party is ♥

Okay,let me think back what'd happen. :) *squeezin my mind*
Around 7.30pm I had prepared and waited for K.Yen to come my house. 5mins later,she came then we headed to KahJoon's house.While on the way,they're calling us and kept asking where we were? Then we tried to bluff them that we can't attent but our plan failed cause they said I always bluff them. =.= Fine la,LimKgaiTer, *grins* Okay,I admit I'm the one who always bluff you. *evil-laugh*
Then,saw Anna was there ten mins ago so she blame me as usual.*sorry* Then,chatted with 'em for a while just ate some noodles,then had boys' BBQ time while our girls had some chatted there.*grins* After all people's stomach fulled, we got into K.Joon's house's upstairs and had our camwhored time. ;D
After camwhored time,we played truth or dare inside K.Joon's room. Okay,I got some video,you all better watched it cause it were funny like shit man ! *LaughMyAssOff* We dare K.Yen danced GangGuanShow then Dennis be the GangGuan so you all can imagine how high he was. We dare K.Yen kissed Y.Hwa, C.Nyap danced, I kissed M.Keat, Dennis and Anna grinded nose, C.Nyap said some sexy words toward C.Ying, K.Ter suck my finger and so on. Imagine yourself please,it make us laugh like shit !
Then,they planed to go don't know where and all guys were stayed overnight there. =.= After did their planed, we had our cake session and Dennis's so-cal-choc strawberry was okay but I prefered SecretRecepi's ChocBanana more. Well,don't be sad. *cough * After ate cake,It's around 12am sth,so dad came and fetched me back.
Now,let's tons of pics and videos do talking ! :)

P.s/True Or Dare -Dennis & Anna
P.s/Left & up -Dennis & Anna
P.s/Right & Up- K.Yen & YeepHwa
P.s/ Left & Down- C.Nyap & C.Ying
P.s/ Right & Down- K.Yen & Dennis

2-4/11/2008 Sunday-Tuesday
Topic : Still oh-so-busy !

P.s/ Msgs ; No Phone No Life !
Life still going like usual. Nothing special and boredom killed =/ Well,when your life were just work work work and yet still work then you will like Ahhhhhhh,kill me ! So,this is me & people you know how bored my life are now ! Tell you all the truth I'm sick of working already ! I use to hate it cause it's just too bored !
Hoooorayyyyy~ Tomorrow I'll be off which means I'll be free for just one day. =.=

5/11/2008 Wednesday
Topic : Peeps are hanging out !

P.s/ Love me ; Love me more !
Woke up around 5am sth then get prepared and waited for my van driver to come over and fetch me and yes due to LoongKahYen's forgetfull mind,she forgot to remind the driver to fetch me.*claps claps* Damn chun la,her ! Then I called my driver and yes she turned back and fetched me. :)
Owhh,met Han & Huey at Kanna. Then waited Han to finish her breakfast and let the time passed. Yeaph,we met C.Fai them then Han went and talked with them and I met J.Huey there too,went there crapped a while then Han pulled me back and told me her plan. Her plan was went CC with C.Fai them then went Ancorp for her Ming then just went Sunway. So we followed ! God ! I totally don't like CC man. We met M.Jia them at CC, whoa ! So shocked tho.
Went Sunway around 11am then straight away went RedBox and got our room sang till 3pm but the time we should got out was 2.30pm but RedBox's people din chased us so we din bothered too.
Went back school and got ready for back ! & My van just fetched me this person home only so the whole van just ME only,damn chun right? Sorry for the driver. C=

6/11/2008 Thrusday
Topic : Boredom Life !

P.s/ I'm not that blardy love you.
Since JingWei left a comment in my cbox that complaint I din post up a post for her birthday party so yeaph ;D JingWei,spot this here is it...
To the beatifull girl,TanJingWei Happy Belated Sweet Sixteen. May all your dreams come true.
Well,a sincere sorry here cause I'm too busy so I din managed to post all thing inside my blog and here I'm going to thank you cause you'd reminded me to post up your party.
That day,long long ago, Anna came over Jusco and found me cause I need to fetched her to J.Wei's house. & After 7pm mum came and brought us there,thanks mum. Then we reached and it's ohmygod. Cause I knew nobody there. *phew* I still got Anna,then since nobody bothered us so we drank some wine and played some game with the wine. Well, all of us didn't got drunk tho.
Around 11pm I called mum to fetch me and guess what? Mum scolded me like hell cause she said she'd slept. =.= Sorry & please forgive. =/
P.s/ Group Photooo
P.s/Jingweiiiiii ;D

& Today I'm still working. tired like hell weih !
7/11/2008 Friday
Topic : School shucks !

P.s/ Look at me and tell me the truth !
Should scream cause today I off again. =.= So since I'm off so being a best student of CatholicHighSchool I went to school. *grinsss* For those who're not going,no jealous please. lmao x)
Did some conclusion, people, once you finished your final term exam please don't ever go to school,you will regret for going. OMG. School were bored like hell man. It's pointless to went there and sat there just crapping for whole day. & the class was nobody inside,imagine how terrible please.
*ringggg* Finally,the last bell rang and I waited for Huey to come and find me and Nian followed. *grinss* We chatted a while in ReadingCorner then accompanied Nian went out bus stop there to fetch her.
After Nian back,me and Huey rang up K.Ter to call him be faster cause we're not that nice people to wait him like ages AGAIN! Ooops,he din picked up so fine,we went ourself. Then we went to SushiKing had our lunch then finally he rang me up.They (K.Ter & Dennis) met us there and had lunch together.
After all,we went toy city for Y.Zheng's present,omg. You know what? His present cost RM245 sth like that,it's freak me out but fine la. Present ma,can't gave people some RM10+'s things right? & somemore this present shared with much people.*grinsss*
After that,we went for Bowling and pity Dennis cause he kept been teased by Huey.*laughhhh* Dennis,don't be sad la. hah ! Okay,no doubt,L.K.Ter's bowling skill damn chun. =.= Waitin' him to sent me the pictures of the marks. *wink*
Then got back school,saw FooChok there so went there to crap with him and he crappe with us for like 2hours +. Thanks weih,and don't forget my party yea ;D
Went back home with those afternoon session and day end.
I saw him in the last day,and I knew that I miss him much...

8/11/2008 Saturday
Topic : Being lifeless. =/

P.s/ I've loved ; I've been played !
Hooiiii,nothing else la.
working ; working ; working !
Lifeless eyhh? I know. I know. =.=
I Miss Him Badly weih.

9/11/2008 Sunday
Topic : The Vegetarian ; Gundam freak !

P.s/ YoongZhenggggg !
YoongZheng, Happy Sweet 16th weih !
May all your dreams come true.
Well,we celebrated with him this day. After my work,means around 3pm, went back mum's shop and she told me no car so can't fetched me back to home. =/ So,I waited waited waited for dad back but......no ending. *laughhh*

Then followed Aunt's car to Aunt's house and saw Uncle's new house was alright and can move in already but His wife don't want so fast so just left it. Well,his house were so chun.
Then J.Sze rang me up and called me fetched her from a saloon which nearby my Aunt's house so I fetched her to my house and I got ready then mum fetched us to the vegetarian's restaurant. Cause the birthday boy was a vegetarian so this day we din ate meat okay?
Then the bill was okay la just RM131 for 11 people. Cheap right? *grinsss* Then we walked to Jusco there and met up K.Joon at OldTown.Some of them kept playing PSP which make me,Ice,ChenNyap not shuang but fine this was their style. Then, we (C.Nyap,me,Ice,J.Sze,K.Joon) crapped for long long time till they said wanna changed place. Okay,then mum rang me up and called me back.
After that,some fuck up things screw me up which I'm not going to detail.=/
Lastly,they went DaiGaLok which I didn't followed then next station was Z.Nam's house to got their gundam ready ! =.= All gundam freak !
P.s/ Jayszeeeee ;D
P.s/The Gundam !

10/11/2008 Monday
Topic : Do This to Kill Times

P.s/He took away my heart
Tagged by : AmandaKok
So,Amanda,since I promised you so now here it's go.
Rule: Answer all!
1) Apa nama lu?
English: You will know. =.=
Mandarin: Pointless
Cantonese: Not to answer.
Hokkien : I'm not hokkien.

2) Upload 3 pictures that have you
Because I'd upload too many pics here ;D so yeap,I'm not going to upload anymore.

3) Who would you rather find to talk your problems with?
Leehom ; Buddies ; Myself

4) Are you in love?
Yeaph ;D

5) Who is that person?
uhmm...remain silence

6)Have you ever hug?
Who doesn't?

7) Would you choose friends over love or love over friends?
I should hve two ;D

8) How long had you currently love this person? (including when you have met)
One year? I don't know

9)Describe that person :
The best in my heart.

10) If you're dumped and you still like that person, will you wait? Why?
Yeap ;D Cause miracles alway happen. ;D

11) Is it appropriate for a teenage to be in a relationship?
Lame. =X

12) Will it last? Estimate
I hate estimate things.

13) Will you cry if you lost someone you love? How long? Why?
No,cause if he don't love you, he willn't bother you will die or cry cause it doesn't matter him.

14) Will you go back to your ex, though both of you had changed?
No, ex is ex can't couple back !

15) Had anything ruin your love relation before? What is it?
Someone & something. keep it as secret.

16) Is it worthless without love? Why?
No cause I got myself !

17) What would you do, if you're stressed out?
Scream as loud as I could !

18) Does hurting yourself helps?
You're just so dumb !

19) Are you really into the one you have a crush on now?
Yeap ;D but he seems not. =(

20) What did he do, that you love that person so much?
Something but I got no point to tell out.

21) What is pain inside?
Once I tell out,you also don't know. so fine.

22) What song reminds you of your crush?
I feelgood? I dono.

23) What was the happiest day with your crush? Why?
Let's shut up !

24) How many times do you bathe a day?
Down Syndrome's qst

25) Do you often wash your hair?
Why I need to ans this? =.=

26) If your friend is a dirty, smelly person, say something.
I'm a lucky girl cause I got no friends like this.

27) If someone, your friend or your loved ones fart in front of you, what is your reaction?
omg. I'll like uhmm...leehom's always the best !

28) Is pimples something will make you fell that people will feel 'eek-ish'?
Sure no but if come out my face I wil feel that. xD
I tag : everyone will do,thanks !
Amamnda,I did finished. *grinsss*

11/11/2008 Tuesday
Topic : Don't ever fucked up things !

P.s/ Fuck You laaaa __
Day till day,& I'm so working,people. Sth happen and I didn't screw things up but others did.Story time people. :)
Around 1pm sth,Y.Seng came to find me and crapped,half way,a girl,uhh...should call her as bitch came over and pointed me to scold & I didn't know what happened on her.Then Y.Seng saw it, scolded the bitch back,then one aunty which up to 40yrs old,we call her as a fuckhead.Fuckhead came around and pushed Y.Seng & she called the guard to chase two of us out & she scolded some filthy words with so many people around there and she scolded me as dog. Well,I think she didn't know that herself is more like a crazy dog kept barking at there. Forgive those stupid person. Then,I'm lazy to continue my so-call-story.
Oops,yea :D I did some conclusions :
-Bitch really bitch,it's pointless to argue with her,so let her be.
-Fuckhead is like herself is the biggest person so can scolded us like this but she didn't know that she got no manners.
-We got no point to argue with those person that brainless,pointless,useless,no manners and vulgar.
Anyway,thanks Y.Seng.

12/11/2008 Wednesday
Topic : Party aint perfect

P.s/ A smile is for you but not him or her
Hooiiii, I'm off AGAIN.*grins* I know you all will be curious why I was like always off,no doubt,this was the scheldure that my boss gave,so means my salary will be lower and lower.*sigh*
Around 3pm,Ann came over my house for tuition.Tuition till 7pm and the teacher was crapping lots,blame her. *evilsmile* She's like our friends but not teacher as well,she told me that SoWhat and HotNCold's MV were funny like shit.*lmao* Better go watch it cause really make me laugh like hell.*laughhhhh*She introduces me IF I Were A Boy by Beyonce and it's nice. ;D
Finish tuition,I rushed to have a shower then headed to teacher's party.OMG!!!You know what? My phone spoilted by me when I'm taking shower.=.= Then,I was no mood the way till the half way of the party. I tried hard to forget my phone's stuff but my bro was kept reminded me beside my ear.*shoottttthim*
BBQ time,theN Should have game time but someone screw teacher up sp she cancel all game's things and I called dad to fetched us back.Due to my cacat-ed phone's prob so I don't have picturesss.screw my phone up.

13-14/11/2008 Thrusday/Friday
Topic : Lifelesssss

Dangggg,Working ahhh !
What should I do except being a lifeless person working at my place? My life aint meaningfullllll =.=
Yesterday night,chatted with him. Yeaphhhhh ;D I'm Happy.Happy,Happyyyyyy *laughhhhh* It's been 2564729197days I din chatted with him.I Miss Him badly. =/
Bro bought RaymondLam's YourLove album days ago.OMG.He wad so love Raymond. & yeaph Raymond damn chun weih. I love him tho. I got some pics from that album.
No forget that,my that cacat-ed phont get it alright already,no problem anymore.Thanks God.
Finally finish my this post used up my three days weih !
Raymonddddd ! *combined pics*

P.s/Finally I'd update this post. It's used up my 3days to update this blardy post.